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Nag Campaigns


Web Design Project for NAG Political Campaigns


NAG Campaigns is a leading provider of political data that helps candidates to refine messaging and micro-target specific electoral precincts in real-time. This tool has been a game-changer for the candidates who have utilized it. When NAG Campaigns needed a website and digital marketing campaign that could showcase the tool fully, we were ecstatic that we were able to help.

Hickey Marketing Group has done branding, web development, and marketing work for congressional candidates before. So when we were approached to build a digital campaign for this unique tool it seemed a perfect fit. The tool was met with an amazing amount of interest and success which we were happy to have been a small part of.


The amazing campaign management tool created by NAG Campaigns was completed and ready for launch just months before an election cycle. With so little time to get to let the political world know that such a tool existed, it was imperative that all marketing efforts were launched quickly and with as much impact as possible.

  • Web Development

  • Content Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization

Web Design
Content Creation
Inbound Marketing
Search Engine Optimization


With such an amazing campaign management tool being brought to market, the biggest challenge was getting the word out quickly, and to the candidates that would benefit most from such a tool. In a matter of two weeks, we were able to build and launch the completed website and digital campaign. From there we were also able to create an inbound marketing campaign to help drive targeted prospects to the site to help increase awareness of this game-changing tool.

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