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Nate Lopez


Web Development Project for Nate Lopez


Nate Lopez is an award-winning musician who is known for his amazing guitar work. When he reached out to us to help with his marketing efforts we were blown away by the videos of him playing. We knew from the moment our team sat down and watched Nate’s video archives that those videos had to be an integral part of the website. After coming to this conclusion we decided on a homepage video player that would allow the videos to be the star of the website.

We were very happy to see the public as excited about the website as we were. We could immediately tell that his playing and new site were a hit when we saw the inquiries coming in requesting him to play live concerts regularly.


This project was unique in the fact that there was so much great video content ready to be utilized. Upon seeing this, the challenge was to develop a website that faded into the background while allowing the video and audio to be the star of the show. Upon building the user interface to fade away and let the content be king, we knew that it was a perfect union of technology and artistry.

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Hickey Marketing Group was proud to partner with Nate to help take his amazing music to as large of an audience as possible. By creating a fully functional website where the user interface took a back seat to the music we were able to help him convert fans into gigs.

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