“On behalf of Kind Defined, I cannot thank you enough! This year was monumental for the organization. It was our “flagship” year. We had dreams of a new world, starting with our community. We had no idea how to get that started, Hickey Marketing began at the beginning with a logo and a website. You gave us an identity to match our dream, we love this.

Kind Defined understood that we would need to pay for startup costs and we did. Hickey Marketing came in and took a look at what we could have with our vision and our budget, and then volunteered their time, efforts and talents to make us what Kind Defined should be. Without the donation of programming, design, hosting, clean up and migration, Kind Defined would have faced a choice: a halfway accomplished dream, no money for any other programming or possibly going dark for a few years and trying to recoup financial losses. It is due to the support of Hickey Marketing and their services that we are able to come to the non profit table, professional and viable.”