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Public Relations

Customers are looking for information, make sure it’s yours.

Public Relations Options in Prescott AZ

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It is almost impossible to walk through a grocery store, home improvement store, or watch TV without seeing our clients and our work. Check out some of our latest projects.

Hickey Marketing Group Current & Past Clients
Hickey Marketing Group Current & Past Clients
Hickey Marketing Group Current & Past Clients
Hickey Marketing Group Current & Past Clients
Hickey Marketing Group Current & Past Clients
Hickey Marketing Group Current & Past Clients

Public Relations

If you need to get your brand, product, or service out to the media, we can help.

In many localized markets public relations can have a significant impact on name recognition, brand awareness, and overall sales potential. By making news outlets aware of what makes your company unique, your impact on the community, and establishing knowledge leadership within your organization; you can generate numerous opportunities to get in front of large audiences. Public relations is not just about getting newspaper clippings; it is about establishing a relationship with the media that will continually pay off for you and them.

Public Relations in Prescott Arizona
Public Relations Services in Prescott, AZ

Make Headlines

It would be difficult for us to count the number of companies we have met with that have missed out on huge press potential because they simply failed to get the word out. We can help make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

News outlets are always looking for a unique story that they can use to interest the public. By meeting with our clients regularly to discuss upcoming events, products, and promotions we can craft press releases that go beyond selling and tell a story that the media is interested in sharing.

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We are here to help take your website, search engine optimization, and marketing to the next level.

Be Different

Most companies we meet with have points of difference that they don’t even think to mention because they have become common to the people in the organization. We help accentuate these differences and turn them into newsworthy content.

Public Relations Services in Prescott

Being able to articulate what makes your company different is great, but knowing how you fit into the community and the impact you have on it is what can help take a press release that will be tossed and turn it into one that will make headlines. If you do not have a public relations strategy in place, our team is here to help.


Help businesses to engage potential customers on any device.

Search Engine

Our seo specialist will help you put your brand in a larger audience.


Don’t just make a product or service, craft an experience.

Social Media

Get social with your clients and prospects or somebody else will.


Valuable insight that can help you improve your services/products.


We match each logo to the feeling the company wishes to create.


Critical component of growing your business in a digital age.


Customers are looking for information, make sure it is yours.

Hickey Marketing Group Customer Reviews

“Hickey Marketing Group is a great marketing firm that does what they say they will do. We have worked with them on station projects for KTIE AM590 as well as projects for our advertisers and we have always been very impressed with their work.”

Brad Anderson, KTIE AM590

“I have worked with Hickey Marketing Group on multiple projects spanning more than 5 years. Our experience has been nothing short of outstanding and I would recommend Hickey Marketing Group to anybody who needs a great marketing firm.”


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Ready to leave your mark? If so, contact us today for your free website, marketing, and brand identity audit. We look forward to helping you and your business “Leave its Mark” on your customers and prospects for years to come.

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