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Get social with your clients & prospects or somebody else will.

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It is almost impossible to walk through a grocery store, home improvement store, or watch TV without seeing our clients and our work. Check out some of our latest projects.

Hickey Marketing Group Current & Past Clients
Hickey Marketing Group Current & Past Clients
Hickey Marketing Group Current & Past Clients
Hickey Marketing Group Current & Past Clients
Hickey Marketing Group Current & Past Clients
Hickey Marketing Group Current & Past Clients

Social Media

A recent study shows that as of 2018 more than 70% of all U.S adults are social media users. This presents an unprecedented social media marketing opportunity.

With nearly three-quarters of adults in the U.S actively engaging with social media, it is essential that brands be actively involved as well. If your company is a notable brand, there is little doubt that conversations are being had about your company on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and dozens more. Not having a social media marketing plan that includes actively being involved in these conversations is a mistake most businesses cannot afford to make in 2018.

Social Media Marketing Prescott Arizona
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Get Social!

One of the biggest problems we see with the social media presence of most businesses is that they are focused on selling instead of being an active participant on social media platforms.

When it comes to marketing your business on social media platforms the keyword to remember is SOCIAL. In our personal lives, we would never socialize with people who were continually trying to sell us on themselves and never truly engaged in a two-way conversation. When a business engages in social media marketing, it is essential to follow the rules of the platform.

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Don’t DO Social.
Be Social!

We hear companies all the time talk about “doing social media.” social media is not something you do, like other marketing efforts, it is a constant engagement.

Social Media Marketing Prescott AZ

Merely running ads on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube does not constitute a social media marketing gameplan. To fully take advantage of the marketing opportunities that are available from modern social media platforms your brand must engage in the communities they can add value to on a regular basis. It is incredible how many companies could have avoided colossal product flops, brand crisis, and missed opportunities had they just taken the time to connect with their customer base where they already are. And where they are is on social media.


Help businesses to engage potential customers on any device.

Search Engine

Our seo specialist will help you put your brand in a larger audience.


Don’t just make a product or service, craft an experience.


Customers are looking for information, make sure it is yours.


Valuable insight that can help you improve your services/products.


We match each logo to the feeling the company wishes to create.


Critical component of growing your business in a digital age.


Helping you get your brand, product or service out to the media.

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“Hickey Marketing Group is a great marketing firm that does what they say they will do. We have worked with them on station projects for KTIE AM590 as well as projects for our advertisers and we have always been very impressed with their work.”

Brad Anderson, KTIE AM590

“I have worked with Hickey Marketing Group on multiple projects spanning more than 5 years. Our experience has been nothing short of outstanding and I would recommend Hickey Marketing Group to anybody who needs a great marketing firm.”


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